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Blog posts August 2020

Outsource Accounting Services – Simply Solved

If you're going to become a profitable business owner you two are going to have to hire an accountant. So who do you hire you've got bookkeepers and controllers and accountants and CFOs and CPAs I mean the list is endless.


In this article, we're going to talk about what kind of accountant y…

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Human Resource Basic – Odoo HR

In this HR article for small businesses and large corporations alike, the human resources department is key to success. More than handling recruitment or payroll HR department helps improve company morale develop methods to ensure high-performance standards and can help resolve conflicts among emplo…

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UAE VAT Law | How VAT is Applicable to UAE Designated Zones

In this article, we are going to learn a very important provision related to designated. So as far as the UAE is concerned in the business there are a lot of free zones especially in Dubai, there are many free zones. So some of the free zones are controlled by customs and entry and exit of humans an…

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Affordable & Reliable Zoho CRM Platform for Your Business

The one other thing that we have found working with Simply Solved is that they're quick; I mean, I wasn't expecting this, and you know they've been quite good. You send an email response within a couple of hours at the worst, sometimes within minutes.

If you want something doing, they'll turn it …

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A Little Guide for Audited Financial Statement

So Auditing is the systematic process of objectively obtaining and evaluating management's assertions related to the company's economic position and their financial statements

So to conceptualize what we're trying to do in Auditing is that at the end of every year or annual calendar year, a co…

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VAT Return Filing in the UAE – Simply Solved

Today we are going to discuss and understand how to file the VAT return under UAE VAT Law. Everybody knows the VAT return has to be filed online. The online portal is available under the FDA's website to move ahead first. The taxable person has to log into the FTS website.


Once he logins, t…

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Cost-effective Odoo ERP Solution System – Simply Solved

Odoo is an open-source ERP software system that makes tools for CRM accounting e-commerce manufacturing sales. If you're in the market for an ERP solution, you'll want to consider Odoo, but if you need to find a solution fast, use our product selection tool to get a free shortlist of ERP sof…

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Back-Ground of Economic substance regulation in the UAE

There's a new regulation applicable in the UAE with the Fed from the year 2019. This law is suitable for 13 companies, and it’s not relevant to all companies in the UAE. It is appropriate for individual companies which are Louis specific activities. 


This law released in 2019, and hence…

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Company Liquidation in the UAE – Simply Solved

Nowadays we are getting a lot of inquiries in related to liquidation of a company in UAE. Mainly the why mainland and so I thought to give a brief about company liquidation services in the wine mainland mainly for an LLC a limited liability company.

Let us take an example of a limited liability c…

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A Complete Guide for VAT Registration on UAE FTA (Federal Tax Authority)

Now we will discuss how to file a VAT online, and it will help you to register your company first and of course to move forward how to fill the form on how to submit your return. That is what we are going to discuss now already we have some basic knowledge about that like if I'm a company what is t…

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