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As an FTA Accredited Tax Agency with ISO 9001 Quality & 27001 Information Management Certification, we offer a quality-based approach to our services supported by dedicated team of certified professionals.

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Unlike a traditional accounting or bookkeeping partner, we deliver total solutions with the Accounting expertise and software platform to offer comprehensive support to businesses in the UAE.

As an ISO 9001 certified company with over 30 years international experience in accounting, VAT and technology, we have the unique capabilities to ensure you are fully compliant to the UAE legislation.

Whether you have an existing finance function operating its own systems and processes or a small company needing a complete outsource service, we have the flexibility to serve your business.

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It’s been mandated in the UAE Commercial Company of 2015 that maintaining proper books of account for at least five years is now a legal requirement.

VAT in UAE already implemented now its time of tax returns filling, books of account should be maintained for five years as well.